7 Reasons Why Gamers Love Using MagicTask

Why gamers love MagicTask

As a gamer, you're always looking for ways to improve yourself and get ahead of the competition.

However, people don't seem to realize that this impulse is pretty transferable to other areas of your life – namely, work, school, and general management of your day. If this sounds strange, then consider MagicTask.

Gamers love this task management tool because of its gamified approach to organizing tasks and projects. You can manage your day using its clean interface and simple functionality.

Thanks to its unique gamification features, it's fun to use. like playing an RPG, gaining experience, and getting gear while working.

Don't believe what we wrote above? Then read on and see why gamers love this tool.

1. Simple and Elegant User Interface

MagicTask Dashboard Interface

Do you know what frustrates gamers to no end? A poorly designed user interface.

When you're in the middle of a game, you must keep an eye on what is happening on two levels. One level is the actual gameplay, whether it's keeping proper trigger discipline and an eye on the enemy team, micromanaging your units and macromanaging your base, or just simply the monster in front of you.

The other part is the game user interface, this includes your health, the amount of ammo you have left, and your inventory. Managing a poorly integrated inventory is incredibly tedious, and losing sight of your characters, parties, or base's condition is frustrating.

The devs behind MagicTask know this, and that's why its user interface is simple, sleek, and straightforward.

All of your information and data are in one spot on the home page. Instead of trudging through multiple folders and subfolders, everything is in front of you, clear as day.

If you're using it to organize your team – you know exactly who does what and when at a glance. Don't know how far a project has come along? Easy – just look at the task and see how many subtasks have been completed.

MagicTask has exceptional user interfaces that are aesthetically pleasing for users to navigate and enjoy the platform.

2. Efficiency

Gamers understand the value of time. On one level, this means the time during a problematic raid or a tense death match. When time is of the essence, you have to make every move count. In a competitive RTS match, you have a set amount of time for every rush, advancement, and upgrade – otherwise, you're done.

On another level, games take a lot of time, especially massive single-player RPGs with 200 hours of gameplay and a story as long as a couple of books. So organizing your work or your studies, your family and friends, as well as gaming time, is not easy.

This app is all about efficiency. First, we already mentioned its simple and user-friendly interface. However, it also saves time and shows how efficient it makes you by its basic usability.

When you're creating a task or assigning a specific job to a particular person, it's all just a couple of clicks away. You can drag and drop items, organizing them quickly and with a wrist flick.

Look at it this way – people memorize tens and hundreds of macros to maximize the chances of winning an RTS game match. When playing a MOBA like Dota2, or League of Legends, you don't move your mouse to skill, do you? No, you memorize its shortcut. Those few extra seconds count.

3. Declutter and Focus


Do you know what people dislike? Getting interrupted and distracted. Do you know what people really hate? Things that are getting them out of their flow state.

When you're in the zone, feel like you're dominating a match when everybody is working in tandem, where your keyboard and mouse feel like extensions of yourself, that's peak gaming. And then something makes you snap out of it.

This feeling, of course, does not only pertain to gaming. It also refers to playing an instrument, dancing, working, and studying. Those moments are rare to be super productive with your work and get one job done after the other. However, the titular app of this article can help you with that.

Two vital things are necessary for getting into a flow state – focus and a lack of distractions. We've already mentioned the app's simplicity, but it's also vital for this section.

Due to its clear interface and how teams and projects are set up. You know exactly what you need to do at all times. This creates a vital foundation for focus. Furthermore, since you're not bogged down in minutia and "clutter," the odds of getting distracted by something that isn't important at the moment are minimized.

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4. Leveling Up

Do you know what hooks gamers? The sense of achievement and accomplishment gained from winning a match and good old loot and XP. Sure, defeating an opposing team or a boss is satisfying in and of itself. However, getting something from it, a new skin for your gun, new skills from leveling up, or just a nice set of armor with all the stats you want is the best feeling in the world.

If you're thinking, "a task and project management app can't possibly give me that," you'd be wrong. MagicTask can and does. Why do gamers love MagicTask? — here is the part that's the most fun.

Namely, the app has a strong foundation for utilizing gamification elements. Every activity you do on the platform gets points (or XP). With more points, you get new levels that help unlock new themes that change how the app looks. If you get a good one, you might even match its themes with your WoW character.

Furthermore, you can access the apps' marketplace if you're unhappy with the theme you got (since they are limited in number). You can trade your "gear" with other users and get what you hope to get.

5. A Little Bit of Spice

Like the previous point, let's discuss visuals and sound effects. The most popular games out there have unique, distinct visuals. Maybe these visuals are gritty, realistic, or cartoony and colorful. Perhaps they're a mishmash of a steampunk aesthetic mixed with a little bit of high fantasy. Whatever the case may be, people are drawn to them instantly.

Something is satisfying about being in a unique world with its particular aesthetic. And, of course, the proper use of sound effects, a satisfying thud of a great hammer, a slice of a katana, and the whizzing of bullets all draw a gamer further in.

So, again, you might be wondering how this relates to the task management tool. Simple.

The tool has unique sound effects and special animations. Furthermore, in case they get bored, you can always change your theme and check out some new ones from the MagicTask theme marketplace. All you have to do is level up, and unlock new features. And if you're bored with the ones you already have, you can always go to the marketplace and buy a new theme.

Theme Level Up

6. Competition

And finally, some good, old-fashioned competition. A large part of gamers' satisfaction when playing multiplayer is winning a match or striving to win one. And many multiplayer games have leaderboards, ranks, or hierarchies. Looking at your rankings slowly rising, reaching gold in Hearthstone, Diamond in League, it's positively addictive. 

Yes, you guessed it, MagicTask has this too. 

The tool has leaderboards that track your achievements, your team's achievements, and the achievements of everybody who uses it. It is a lovely boost and a bit of friendly competition with the app's user base and your team. 

7. Cooperation and Teamwork

Let's talk about another thing gamers like, especially those that prefer multiplayer games – teamwork.

Look at games like CSGO or Overwatch – team play is vital if you are supposed to win. You must collaborate, talk nonstop, and know who does what and when. The same goes for MMOs as well – you need your tanks, your healers, and your damage dealers to simplify things. Everybody works in unison toward a shared goal.

And just like how communication becomes muddled and confusing during a push towards a hunkered-down enemy, so does it matter when your company is rushing to deliver a new product—or even squatting to maximize profits during a specific time of the year (like eCommerce stores do during Black Friday).

So, how does MagicTask help here? It's because it operates in real-time. Every update done to a task or project imputed within MagicTask will be shown to everybody with access. All this happens instantly, sharing documents, ideas, and more information. When time is tight, and especially when you're part of a remote team, ensuring everybody is in sync is vital.

Furthermore, by assigning tasks and projects to different team members within the app, you know that people know precisely what their respective roles within a company (or project) are at any given time.


And there you have it, folks – seven reasons why gamers love MagicTask. Hopefully, we have convinced you of just how good this tool is and what makes it unique. 

Whether we are talking about its perfect User Interface, its themes and leveling up system, the collaboration opportunities, or just the flow state it can give you, this tool is a must! If you're a gamer looking for a better system to organize your work, this is it!

Check out this link to sign-up for MagicTask now: https://app.magictask.io/sign-up

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