MagicTask Best Practices: Smart Ways to Organize Your Work

Project management tools are only effective when they are actually “used". You need to use these tools efficiently to see the results. So, how do you use MagicTask so that it brings maximum productivity and efficiency?

Unlike other project management tools such as JIRA which are so complex (and sometimes counterproductive), MagicTask gives you the flexibility to use it the way you want. 

You have all the features right there, and it is minimalistic without being overly simplistic. Now that’s brilliant!

In this blog, we are going to discuss the best ways to organize your work with MagicTask and improve productivity.

Let start.

Working Smarter with MagicTask: Best Practices

MagicTask is an excellent tool for managing multiple projects and teams. The way it is designed is what really makes it stand apart from others.

MagicTask is thoroughly user-driven, which means users can develop their own best practices and let the tool do the work for them. 

Imaginovation team uses MagicTask for their day-to-day business operations and here’s how they make the best use of this tool.

1. Use MagicTask as a communication tool

There is no denying that effective communication is critical for the success of any project. When your team has the right communication channel, it can lead to improved collaboration between team members and project stakeholders. 

Many businesses rely on internal communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams to collaborate, inform, stay in touch, share ideas, and assign tasks. But wouldn’t it be simpler to communicate using the same tool as used in project management?

MagicTask eliminates the need for a separate communication tool. Check out how MagicTask is used as an effective communication tool.

  • You can create a MagicTask project for each applicable chat channel. This will allow you to keep track of the to-do items that come in through slack that need to be added to the MagicTask.
  • You will be able to combine communication channels with your task lists to track progress, share ideas, raise questions, and keep all of your content in one channel.
  • You can use “Comments” to add your comments about a specific task. 
  • In future updates, you will be able to integrate MagicTask with different other communication tools.

2. Schedule meetings easily and regularly with MagicTask

Regular meetings are the key to keeping projects on track.

Whether you have to disseminate information and communicate with your team and stakeholders, address issues, propose ideas, take decisions, or solve problems, meetings ensure that everyone is on the same page.

We at Imaginovation strongly recommend that you must schedule regular meetings for yourself and your team to go through your action items and reorganize, prioritize, and re-assign the tasks.

This is precisely where MagicTask can help us.

  • MagicTask is designed based on the Pragmatic approach that “the best way to get things done is to schedule it.”
  • What makes scheduling tasks simple with MagicTask is that it only takes a few minutes to add in new items, knock off completed tasks, reorganize, and evaluate everything at a glance. Taking only a few minutes every day or weekly can keep you progressing forward.

3. Use MagicTask as soon as you have something to share

Unlike many other project management solutions, MagicTask isn’t designed in a complex manner. It is so simple that you can write down whatever comes to your mind before you forget about it or feel overwhelmed with too many thoughts.

When handling multiple projects and dealing with many thoughts, anyone can feel overwhelmed. And then, in no time, you start feeling stuck and unproductive. You feel consistently distracted.

MagicTask is designed for brain dumps - getting all of your ideas and thoughts out of your head so that you can focus on one idea at a time and don’t have to worry about forgetting the other stuff.

  • Use MagicTask as soon as you have a new idea or something to add. Just type it in. It’s a “write it and forget it” kind of tool, so you don’t have a bunch of thoughts floating around in your head, slowing down your process.
  • The tool is only as good as the information that is stored in it.
  • MagicTask’s simple design is purposeful so that you will use it every day.

4. Hyper Focus versus Daily Focus

While tackling tasks, people recommend and follow one of the two common approaches – Hyper-focus and Daily Focus.

Hyper-focus is when you only tackle one task at a time and then move your way down your to-do list.

Daily Focus, is when you start each day with a "sprint," meaning that you plan out exactly what you need to get done on that day. You prioritize your tasks from the most important to the least important and check off the tasks as you go. The next day, you begin the process all over and include any tasks you did not finish the day before.

Imaginovation company conducted personal experiments of both approaches with MagicTask. They tried applying both Hyper Focus, and Daily Focus approaches for one month each.

They found that using any of the approaches with MagicTask has to be a personal choice of the user.

Some methods work for some persons better than others. Irrespective of the choice, MagicTask is designed to support the approach that you would want to utilize.

5. Be Pragmatic and Proactive with MagicTask

Embrace both pragmatism and proactivity while managing things with MagicTask.

As soon as something comes up in your mind, please enter it right away and get it out of your mind.

It helps to declutter your mind, but it also requires discipline to be consistent in dumping out all of your tasks and organizing them. It would help if you did this as soon as a new task pops into your head.

My neighbor Andy Hunt has written a book, "The Pragmatic Programmer." In this book, he describes an analogy of driving past a building with a broken window every day. At some point, you stop noticing the broken window because it is part of the scenery.

So that this one broken window doesn’t turn into a hundred broken windows at some time, it is essential to fix it right away or make a note to keep track of what needs to be fixed later.

Sudo Innominate’s Best Practice with MagicTask

With endless meetings, constant reminders, alerts and notifications of emails and messages, and coworkers popping in for a quick chat, your productivity barely makes it through the day.

Sudo Innominate, Co-Founder of Imaginovation, uses MagicTask to organize his daily schedule. He shares the following tips to make the most out of MagicTask.

  • Schedule a daily 5-10 minutes time block focused solely on priority tasks.

Not every task is equal in value to you and your business. Some are urgent and important, while others are not. Start your day by planning for priority tasks. It doesn't take longer than 10 minutes. Doing this at the beginning of the day makes you feel better organized.

  • Clean up anything from the previous day and add in new items.

Unless your task list is fairly static, you must reprioritize your task list every day. Clean up anything from the previous day here. You can add new tasks and remove any unimportant tasks.

  • Check for alerts and any projects that are falling behind. 

There are many reasons why a project moves past its deadline – underestimated activities or tasks time-consuming than anticipation. Regardless of the reason, it would help if you got such projects back on track. Keep an eye on any alerts or on projects that are falling behind. It will help you save a difficult situation before it occurs.

Sign-Up To MagicTask

If you are looking for a single project management tool to cover all your needs instead of using multiple tools for different activities, look no further. MagicTask completes your search. It is an all-in-one project management tool that can help you work smarter and improve your productivity.

Check out this link to sign-up to MagicTask now:

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