7 Best Free Gamified Productivity Tools You Must Consider in 2022

Free Gamified Productivity Apps

It's important to keep yourself and your team productive and motivated because it helps the company achieve its goals. If employees are unhappy or not working efficiently, it can drag down the whole operation. A good manager will find ways to keep his or her staff morale high and ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.

And one of the ways you can do this is by utilizing gamified productivity tools. What are they? Well, let's dive in and find out.

What is Gamification and Its Benefits in Productivity Tools

Gamification is the use of game design elements and mechanics in non-game contexts. It has been used in various applications, including business, education, health, and sustainability.

It aims to engage users and motivate them to achieve their objectives. By applying game design principles to non-game contexts, gamification can produce positive outcomes such as increased productivity, engagement, and motivation.

It can be used to improve user experience by making tasks more enjoyable and engaging. It can also help users learn new skills more quickly and retain information more effectively.

Various gamified elements can be used to engage users, including points, badges, leaderboards, and achievements. It can also involve competition, cooperative play, and social interaction.

The point is – there are many different ways you can approach a task and many more to gamify it and make it fun and interesting. This blog post dealt with seven different types of tools that can help you with just that.

1. MagicTask

MagicTask is a next-generation simplified task management tool for web and mobile that helps users boost productivity while maintaining a work-life balance through the use of gamification and hyper-simplicity.

It offers a variety of features, including a one-of-a-kind theme marketplace that contains unique themes to add an extra layer of creativity and fun while managing your personal or professional daily tasks.

Gaming Theme


  • A sleek and straightforward interface that helps you organize your tasks better.
  • It follows a top-down methodology, which is the most common and efficient approach for task management.
  • It cuts through all the clutter and focuses on efficiency and productivity while making it fun at the same time.
  • Easily assign tasks to other members of your team.
  • Every MagicTask theme is loaded up with cool gamification features that not only turn your work into fun but also help you get things done.
  • It is free to sign up for and use.

So, if you want to use a task management app that feels like an RPG, we strongly suggest you check out MagicTask. The more you use it, the more experience you gain, which leads to leveling up and unlocking new features.

2. Epic Win

Epic Win is an iOS app that helps you gamify your life by turning your to-do lists into fun and rewarding games. The app features a variety of game-like elements, such as points, badges, and leaderboards, to motivate you to complete your tasks. It also allows you to set up reminders and track your progress over time.

Epic Win


  • Points system: Earn points for completing tasks and use them to buy rewards and upgrades. Badges: Unlock badges for completing particular tasks or milestones.
  • Leaderboards: See how you rank against your friends and others in completing tasks.
  • Reminders: Set reminders for yourself or others to ensure tasks are completed on time.
  • Progress tracking: Track your progress over time to see how well you're doing.

Epic Win is a great way to gamify your life and make things fun. The app's features will help you stay motivated and on track, and you'll be able to see your progress over time.

3. HabitHub 

HabitHub is a task management app that helps you form and stick to good habits. The app does this by gamifying your tasks, providing rewards for completing them and helping you track your progress over time.



  • A habit-forming system that uses positive reinforcement to help you form good habits
  •  A reward system that gives you points for completing tasks, which can be redeemed for real-world rewards
  •  A progress tracker that shows you how well you're doing over time
  •  A social sharing feature that lets you share your progress with friends and family

HabitHub is a great way to get into the habit of doing things that are good for you. The app's positive reinforcement and rewards system make it fun and easy to stay on track, while the progress tracker helps you see your progress over time. 

4. Bounty Tasker

Bounty Tasker is a to-do list with a twist! Instead of just checking off items on your list, you get to make every article into an objective, and every objective completed gives you experience. Using this XP, you can outfit your character with better “loot”, level up, get skills and take on more powerful monsters.


  • RPG-like elements combined with a reward system for completing tasks incentivize task completion.
  • Visual changes to your character as you progress further
  • A core gameplay element that does not detract from your tasks but blends well with them

Overall, this is a great app, especially for RPG and CRPG players, as they’ll be able to easily recognize the distinct patterns and game mechanics that appear in those game types. Once the players make this connection, they’ll be extra motivated to complete their tasks.

5. Beeminder 

The Beeminder app is a gamified productivity tool that helps you gamify your tasks in order to stay on track and achieve your goals. It does this by providing you with a visual representation of your progress and setting up reminders and notifications to keep you motivated. Beeminder also allows you to set up rewards for yourself when you reach certain milestones, which can help to keep you even more motivated.



  • A visual representation of your progress: Beeminder provides a graph showing your progress over time, so you can see how well you are doing at a glance.
  • Reminders and notifications: The app will send reminders to keep you on track with your goals.
  • Rewards: You can set up tips for yourself when you reach certain milestones, which can help to keep you even more motivated.

Beeminder is a great tool for anyone who wants to stay on track with their goals and get more out of their tasks. If you are looking for a way to gamify your life and make your tasks more fun, then Beeminder is the app for you.

6. SmartyPig

Finances can be fun too with SmartyPig. Granted, you don’t often associate the word “fun” with “finances”, but with SmartyPig’s excellent gamification system, you’ll soon find out that hitting goals can reward you with more than just money.


SmartyPig is a “digital piggy bank” at its core. Basically, you set up an account and then set up an automatic transfer of funds from your account to SmartyPig. Once you hit your goal, the app alerts you and prompts you to buy the thing you've been saving up for.


  • Progress visualization in the shape of a progress bar
  • Ability to share your success stories on social media
  • Competitive interest rates on your SmartyPig savings

Overall, SmartyPig is just about perfect for people that aren’t too good with money. It makes them spend less, save up more, and, in the end, rewards their patience with something tangible and real-world than just in-game experience and monster slaying. 

7. Challenge Timer

Some people work well with positive reinforcement; some like to feel the crunch. Challenge Timer is a Pomodoro model gamified app that appeals to the latter. 

One of the focus features of this product is the timer that does not stop. In most Pomodoro model apps, the timer can be stopped and the task postponed, but, in Challenge Timer, you have to forfeit the task (by pressing the Forfeit Work Session button), essentially instilling the feeling of having been defeated. 

Challenge Timer

Now, this might not be a good fit for people that don’t like feeling pressured, but for those that operate well under stressful conditions and those that can’t be swayed otherwise to fulfill their obligations, this is the right choice.


  • The timer runs non-stop and cannot be paused
  • To stop the timer, one must forfeit the session, essentially admitting defeat, and most people don’t like feeling defeated

In the end, Challenger Timer is great for time-crunchers, but it does come with the risk of its own version of burnout, so handle it with care.  


When used effectively, gamification can be powerful for improving user experience and motivating users to achieve their goals. However, it is important to use gamification elements judiciously and avoid overloading users with too much information or too many tasks.

Gamification should be used as a supplement, not a replacement for traditional methods of engagement and motivation.

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