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What's New - Sprint 180

Jun 16 2023

What's New - Sprint 180

In Sprint 180, we focused on addressing various bugs reported by our users. Our dedicated team of developers has been meticulously identifying and resolving these issues to ensure smoother and more reliable product performance. Thanks to your valuable feedback, we were able to tackle these bugs effectively and deliver a more stable user experience.

  • 4400 - An issue has been resolved where a user's creation date would reset to the current date when their team role was edited in the project template.
  • 3786 - We've fixed a problem in MyTask where points from completed tasks were not being updated without a hard refresh when a user marked an unfinished task as completed.
  • 4515 - Subtasks now correctly display in a user's MyTask after a refresh, even when the parent task is assigned to the logged-in user, but the subtasks are assigned to others.
  • 4761 - We addressed an issue where subtasks assigned to user 1 would disappear from their MyTask view when they reassigned the subtask to another user, requiring a screen reload to display the task again.
  • 4821 - Tasks from archived projects will no longer appear in a user's MyTask view.
  • 3778 - A pagination issue has been fixed on the Leaderboard where the last count would display twice on the last page when no more pages were available.
  • 4828 - We've updated the verbiage for notifications. For example, a project addition notification will now read, "MD has added you to the project - Project Name."
  • 3847 - The joined date on the Leaderboards now correctly displays the date the workspace or user was created.
  • 3753 - The tutorial count will now correctly update for new accounts upon completing the tutorials.
  • 3574 - We've fixed a bug where recurring tasks were creating subtasks with non-unique task IDs.
  • 4819 - Background system and Chrome notifications should now function properly.
  • 4758 - Invited users will now correctly display in the Manage Users section of project templates, showing their email and invitation status.
  • 4607 - A bug has been resolved where a user would be logged out after an admin changed their role and the screen was refreshed.
  • 4652 - The Task Info tab now displays the correct completion date and time for tasks, without requiring a screen reload.
  • 4754 - Search results will now accurately reflect the comment count.
  • 4733 - Subtasks will no longer show in MyTasks when a project has been removed.
  • 4731 - Ownership transfers of workspaces should now function properly, with user roles updating accordingly.
  • 4250 - We've fixed an issue with recurring tasks displaying the incorrect next recurrence date.
  • 4251 - We've also addressed a bug where older recurring tasks were displaying stuck recurrence dates.
  • 4749 - Workspace edit options will now correctly be hidden when an admin changes a user's role from Admin to Standard.
  • 4814 - Users added to a project during its creation will now receive a notification.
  • 4723 - Deactivated users will no longer be visible in project info.
  • 4783 - Task tags will now display the correct creation date and associated user.
  • 4798 - We've fixed an issue where checked notifications from one workspace would appear in another.
  • 4637 - Inactive users will no longer be displayed in the team members list.
  • 4727 - Deleted members will no longer appear in project info without a screen reload.
  • 4345 - We've resolved an issue where completed tasks would continue to display in To Do within the Futuristic theme.
  • 3938 - The dynamic search will now also display the parent task when searching for sub-tasks.
  • 4643 - The verbiage for modifying task notifications has been updated for clarity.
  • 4737 - The messaging for workspace deactivation by a super admin has been revised for accuracy and comprehension.
  • 4755 - Search results will now correctly only display the tasks created by the logged-in user, regardless of assignee.
  • 4395 - The super admin option will now correctly persist when moving between workspaces.
  • 4768 - Search results will no longer display duplicate tasks (subtasks as main tasks if assigned to the same user).
  • 4803 - We've resolved an issue where tasks would reassign to a user who had been removed from a project template after a screen refresh.
  • 4726 - We've fixed a discrepancy on the Leaderboard where workspace ownership count was showing inaccurately.
  • 4298 - We've adjusted notifications to only alert the assigned user when textual content is added.
  • 4728 - The notifications for adding a new member to a project will now include the new member's name.
  • 4054 - We've addressed an issue where the order of tasks would change after a hard refresh.
  • 4732 - We've resolved a problem in MyTasks where subtasks were not allowing users to change the task to a project task.
  • 4745 - A mismatch in the total tasks complete count between the Super Admin Manage Workspace tab and the Leaderboard has been corrected.
  • 4741 - Filters in Super Admin Manage Users section are now functional.
  • 4775 - When a user creates a task with subtasks and assigns it to themselves, the subtasks will now immediately appear in the "My Tasks" panel without requiring a screen refresh.

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