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What's New - Sprint 176

Apr 27 2023

What's New - Sprint 176

We have pushed Sprint-176 to Production on 4/21/2023. Throughout the current sprint, we have remained dedicated to our ongoing efforts to thoroughly test our application, identify any bugs, and quickly address them to improve the overall product experience for our users.

General Bug Fixes

  • 4478 - Resolved duplicate task display issue when moving multiple tasks between backlog and in-focus.
  • 4630 - Fixed project details issue: removed deleted users from the "Add Member" tab.
  • 4265 - Updated notifications: now shows notifications for both added subtasks and comments for the assignee.
  • 4704 - Refactored API signatures to lowercase.
  • 4705 - Refactored events to lowercase.
  • 3758 - Project Template: Fixed subtask order when creating a project from a project template.
  • 4700 - Addressed member removal issues when adding new users to a project.
  • 4675 - Notifications: Self-notification is removed when a user removes themselves from a project.
  • 4677 - Recurrence: Fixed issue with lingering next recurrence tooltip after removing a task from the Recurrence pane.
  • 4603 - Recurrence: Corrected date display for the 9th day of the month recurrence setting.
  • 4674 - Notification: Updated notification text when a user changes the task size.
  • 4608 - Recurrence: Fixed everyday task tooltip to show the correct date.
  • 4682 - Search Results: Comments added by other users now appear in search results.
  • 4676 - Notifications: Updated to show both comment text and attachment information when a comment is added with an attachment.
  • 4688 - Notification: Fixed incorrect notification when a user reassigns a task to another user.

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