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What's New - Sprint 175

Apr 18 2023

What's New - Sprint 175

We have pushed Sprint-175 to Production on 4/17/2023. In the current sprint, we focused on enhancing the user experience by addressing several bugs and issues related to recurrent tasks and notifications. We also updated the naming conventions across the application to make them more intuitive and consistent.

General Bug Fixes

  • 4288 - Recurrence: Fixed an issue where adding a weekly task today only showed today's date for the next recurrence.
  • 4178 - Recurring Task: Resolved a problem where subtasks were not visible when creating a task from a recurring task in the My Tasks section.
  • 4668 - Notification verbiage: Improved notification text for when a task is created by User 1, assigned to User 2, and User 2 comments on that task.
  • 4694 - Archived users: Removed archived users from the Add Member tab.
  • 4604 - Recurrence: Fixed incorrect next recurrence date for tasks set to recur every 15 days.
  • 4632 - Recurrence: Added a tooltip for "Next recurrence is N/A" on the next recurrence date created in a project template.
  • 3773 - Workspace images: Implemented storage of resized Workspace images for faster loading.
  • 4681 - Project access: Ensured that users who are not added to a project but have the project URL can only see tasks without the project name displayed.
  • 4537 - Notifications: Updated the notification text for when User 1 reassigns a task from User 2 to themselves.
  • 4666 - Notifications: Revised the notification text for adding a member to a project.
  • 4566 - Backend code: Refactored backend code with improved naming conventions.
  • 4567 - Rename: Changed "Tag" to "Project" for a clearer organization.
  • 4568 - Rename: Updated "Label" to "Tag" for better categorization.
  • 4662 - Rename: Changed "TODO" to "InFocus" for task types, providing a clearer description

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