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What's New - Sprint 169

Mar 7 2023

What's New - Sprint 169

We're excited to share with you the latest updates on our product. Over the past sprints, our team has been hard at work improving and adding new features to enhance your experience. We hope you find these updates useful and valuable. Here's a rundown of what we've been up to:

Bug Fixes

  • Tags added while creating tasks are not displayed. It only displays after the page is refreshed.
  • When clicking on the tick icon in the notification dropdown, it shouldn’t take you to the event. It should just clear the notification
  • Change date format in notification popup to MM/DD/YYYY
  • When you are in the comments and hit control-V with an image on your clipboard, it should paste the image as a comment.
  • Deleting a task sometimes clears the next task in the list
  • In the super admin, I can’t copy/paste member names
  • After I deactivate a user, the sorting messes up. It should retain.
  • In the completed tab, for today, only two tasks are showing completed, but yesterday's tasks are showing as well
  • Copying tags events had issues
  • When a user would mark a task completed or open a task from the search screen, after clicking on the returned search data, some of the tasks would disappear
  • Comments now show up in the Daily roll up
  • MT Purple Haze-147-Complete task animation playing futuristic theme needs to be changed
  • MT Purple Haze-166-size dropdown scroll issue

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